Download Printed Version of Transit Map as a PDF

Download the Map here (9.4Mb)

This is for your personal use only. Please be aware of copyright restrictions mentioned at the bottom of the map.
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3 thoughts on “Download Printed Version of Transit Map as a PDF

  • Hello, I have downloaded the map but when I zoom in it goes fuzzy! I am not that computer clever so I don’t know if there is anything you (or I) can do about this? Many thanks for making this map available.

    • That is improbable since it is a vector PDF…you should be able to zoom it easily past its 100% size to as much as 300% without pixelation. Does the downloaded file size indicate that the file is around 8.7 Mb in size? Sometimes if you are on a slow connection, it may take a while for the file to load before the fuzz clears up. This is the case when you are viewing the file directly from your browser the first time without having downloaded it. At this point it is better to right click or Ctrl+click and choose to “save” the file and then view it in Acrobat Reader or Preview or other such application

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