Public Transport Maps

Citywise has created a one of a kind integrated public transport map that can be used as printed map, downloadable map, or in an App version that can be smartly used with hyperlocal content


Citywise believes that hyper local content is of paramount importance to a country like India with its significant informal retail and services economy. With focus on hyperlocal content, it is possible to bring such local businesses and services under the purview of search and locate actions being performed increasingly on mobile devices.


As part of a process of contextualisation, simple datasets may be brought together to create rich and useful visualisations. Additionally, in a globally connected world, dissemination, and accessibility of such visual information, as well as its use-analysis becomes as important as the information itself


3-dimensional building imaging for the purpose of navigation, promotion and embedding rich, multimedia content into the map becomes a key differentiator in digital mapping technology.

About Us

What do we do?

We are a group of architects, graphic designers, mapmakers and IT experts. Our skills lie in visualizing and mapping physical environments. We feel our cities with their complexity need hyperlocal (very local and very topical) data to be captured and visualized. Hyper-localization is an immersive experience where imagery can be used to personalize the experience and make the user feel they’re actually taking part in an experience created for them. Embedding local elements via maps, content, and more also helps to build this optimized local experience. Citywise is creating hyperlocal content for areas within Delhi in partnership with the government.

Who do we work with?

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Government Organisations

Citywise is engaging with Government organizations to create local area information pocket books including detailed local maps that are digitally linked to a larger online data base.
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Transport Departments

With the support of the various transport departments of the city, the Public Transport Map shall be printed and distributed by March 2016.
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Mapping Heritage structures and complexes enriched with flashback scenarios and timelines completely changes our perception of space and time.
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At the heart of what we do is a concern for the city and its residents. Our projects are focused towards people and users of the information we produce.

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